october 1-31
christine tarkowski

proposals for
indestructible living

in conjunction with
Chicago Artist's Month

panel discussion

"plan b"

saturday, october 16
beginning at 4pm

open saturdays and sundays
12-5 pm

or by appointment

mn celebrates halloween!

closing reception
mark jackson

craig perry
pumpkin carvings
of famous paintings

richard curtis

vocal sound performance

saturday, october 30

By Fred Camper
Special to the Tribune
October 15, 2004

From the title of Christine Tarkowski's exhibit at mn gallery, "Proposals for Indestructible Living," as well as from the titles of its three cast-iron sculptures ("Iron Roof," for example), one would assume that Tarkowski is offering items that might be useful for the home.
Instead she offers partly humorous evidences of disaster. "Enameled Iron Siding Sample" consists of four sections of siding, each of which has an area that seems to have been grotesquely melted, its straight lines distorted and sometimes fused. A similar pattern can be found on "Iron Siding Sample," which retains its original iron color. And "Iron Roof" looks partly like the side of a log cabin--cast-iron logs are visible--and partly like the result of some unspecified construction mistake, because there are also bands of what seems like random decay alongside two by fours and what Tarkowski describes as "expansion foam that's kind of exploding, pretty out of control."