Founded in 2000 by Jim Molnar and Kuna Na, mn gallery + studio is an eclectic exhibition and project space showcasing primarily local and regional artists, located in the historic A. Schwarz building right next to the old RAMOVA Theater on Halsted Street south of 35th in Bridgeport.

The gallery space, approximately 20’ X 25’, features a combination of 8’ and 8’-8” high white walls, some moveable, and an unfinished maple floor with a well-used look. Lighting is adjustable. There is a lit display window, and an outdoor casual area for warmer weather use. Since the inaugural exhibition “find,” which featured seven distinctive artists, mn has consistently presented a range of challenging and thoughtful work with personality, including painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, video, prints, and poetry. mn is pleased to have offered at various times performance art, illuminated sculptural objects and furniture, and a pool assembled from found materials, with operating fountains.

Typically shows run about one month (4 to 5 weekends), through the fall and spring seasons, with a Friday night opening reception and weekend hours. mn has participated in Chicago Artists’ Month & the Stray Show, and from time to time host special artist lectures and workshops.